Coberly means basket maker, and is derived from a German word meaning Blacksmith. A lovely linen-blend base cloth is given strength by adding 10% Nylon to 90% Linen. The spirit and handle of this fabric are similar to that of a true stonewashed textile. Rather than stones, rubber balls are used. This replicates the soft hand but leaves more of the colour in tact on the surface of the fabric. Coberly comes in a rich pallete of colours from soft neutrals through to earthy oxides and nature inspired blues and greens. This heavy duty washable multi purpose weave is an essential. CALIF 117 certified.

Fabrics code : COBERLY YP17038
Composition : 90%LI, 10%PA
Width : 140 cm
Use : Accessory, Upholstery, Curtains
Type : Linen, Solid, Stonewashed