• DAKU YP19004

DAKU YP19004

DAKU // Sand hill A hypnotising dual-tone blend of linen and wool. Daku is complex yet tranquil with an interplay of lines and a natural chain in contrasting shades. In no less than eleven colour options, Daku is destined to become the apple of your interiors eye: use as textured curtains, upholstery or as part of a beautiful home accessory.

Fabrics code: DAKU YP19004
Composition: 77%LI, 15%WO, 5%PES, 3%VI
Width: 140 cm
Use: Accessory, Upholstery, Curtains
Type: Jacquard, Linen, Pattern, Stonewashed, Plain / Textured Weave, Wool / Wool Blend