Rose Uniacke


Application: Curtains, Soft Furnishings

Composition: 100% Hemp

Martindale: 12,000

Woven with 100% hemp grown, spun, and woven in Europe, a focus on sustainability is seen throughout the entire production process of this beautifully fluid fabric.

Hemp in Chevron features a soft and supple handle in a distinct herringbone weave, with a slubby texture characteristic of 100% hemp. Hemp is fast-growing, requires very little water and no pesticides and helps to replenish the soil as it grows; making it well recognized as a fibre for the future. The soft, creamy tone of Chevron is then achieved by gently lightening the raw hemp yarn with hydrogen peroxide, which decomposes to water and oxygen only. After weaving, the fabric is enzyme-washed, also known as bio stoning, which uses cellulase enzymes to act on the cellulose in the hemp fibres, breaking down and reforming the bonds to gently soften the fabric, producing a fluid drape perfect for curtains.

Width: 57.11 inches